Celestial Warriors Series by Carlos Quevedo

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Having used Photoshop for the last 13 years, I have always told younger designers you never stop learning. This is a perfect case in which we all can learn from other designers. I came across the work of Digital Artist and Illustrator Carlos Quevedo of Venezuela. He has put together an amazing showcase of photo manipulation and design with his artwork.

His work is a mix of photos, painting, and illustrations and he is inspired by theology, technology, and symbolism. I think he has some amazing skills and I hope you guys agree. Check out his Celestial Warriors Series artwork below:

Celestial Warriors Series by Carlos Quevedo

 Celestial Warrior 001

Celestial Warriors

Celestial Warrior

Celestial Warriors

Celestial Warrior 005

Celestial Warrior 006

Celestial Warrior 007

Celestial Warrior 008

Celestial Warrior 012

Celestial Warrior 011

Celestial Warrior 009

Please note: All artwork is copyright of the respective artist. I only look to showcase the great work of artists from around the web. I completely understand, not everyone enjoys there work on display, so if this is the case, and you would like your work removed, please contact jason@creatiphy.com, and I will have the work removed as timely as possible.

Images via: DeviantArt

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