10 Creative resumes to help get your foot in the door

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I have always been interested in creative resumes. It’s the one piece of design that can help make your career by making sure you stand out from the rest. Think about it, if your resume is in a stack of 10, how would you stand out?

Now, I am very cautious to tell design beginners to not over do it with the design. Make sure the content is still readable and easy to understand. But don;t be afraid to break the norm. Don’t design it in Microsoft word. (Unless you are a ninja in word.)

Check out some of the designs below, and maybe you will be inspired to create your own.

Creative Resume Showcase


Jonny Evans Creative Resume

Design by: Jonny Evans



Design by: Tibor Brink


Fernando Baez Creative Resume Template

Design by: Fernando Báez


Anton Yermolov Creative Resume

Design by: Anton Yermolov


Abdullah Al Mamun creative resume

Design by: Abdullah Al Mamun


Amber Van Mieghem Creative Resume

Design by: Amber Van Mieghem


Alamin Mir Creative Resume

Design by: Alamin Mir

Clement Loyer

Design by: Clément Loyer

Chen Zhi Liang Creative Resume

Design by: Chen Zhi Liang

Rafał Kozera Creative Resume Template

Design by: Rafał Kozera

Please note: All artwork is copyright of the respective artist. I only look to showcase the great work of artists from around the web. I completely understand, not everyone enjoys there work on display, so if this is the case, and you would like your work removed, please contact jason@creatiphy.com, and I will have the work removed as timely as possible.

Images via: Behance.net

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